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Making a Global Website in 5 steps

Before conquering the global market it's a good idea to prepare the main tool of marketing and sales – your corporate website. It's not enough to simply have your Russian website translated into English if you want to make it an effective tool for bringing in foreign clients.
What should you start with? How do you go about ensuring you end up with an effective solution? Which aspects should not be missed?
Nastasya Savina offers a clear and easy to follow algorithm in her special master class on how to globalize your website in five steps.


  1. Preparing for developing a global website

    • Corporate strategy
    • Goals of the website
    • The target audience
    • Positioning and key messages
  2. Developing the structure and the layout

    • Structure
    • Design
  3. The infrastructure of the website

    • Domains and addresses
    • The semantic core
    • Regional optimization
    • Analytics
  4. Preparing the content

    • Drafting the copy
    • Visuals: pictures, diagrams, colors etc.
  5. Testing, refinement and launch


Anastasia Savina