HIGHWAY to Tech, Money and Skills

Wolves of the Market. Fight for the Global Competitiveness

Big companies need new innovations to increase their internal productivity and to develop new products. This trend is going to accelerate even more and more in a future. Our discussion is structured in a way, that every speaker has few minutes to talk about biggest innovation “gaps” or focus areas for coming years, in their own company or industry. After that we move to actual topic, how to find and integrate new ideas to big companies? What are best practices? What are expectations towards small high tech companies from these CEO’s?


Jean-Marc Bally

Aster Capital

Alexander Galitsky

Almaz Caiptal

Henk de Jong

Royal Philips

Alexey Marey


Alessandro Golkar

Airbus Group

Victor Orlovsky

SBT Venture Fund I

Charkin Evgeny

JSCo "Russian Railways"


Pekka Viljakainen

Skolkovo Foundation