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The Industrial Internet in Energy: a Fad or Sustainable Trend?

Information technology has become entrenched in all aspects of life and all sectors of the economy. Smart Grid digital electric networks have been in discussion for over 10 years as well. Industry leaders, regulators, and public authorities in the Russian energy sector are not willing to give up their leadership and intercept the initiative of startups and IT giants to digitalize the sector. In the context of the round table we are planning to discuss the following issues with members of the energy sector:
• The preparation of methodical and regulatory framework, hardware and software infrastructure to spread information technology in the monitoring of energy and electrical network equipment.
• Priority projects in the field of electricity: digital substation, digital distribution networks, and digital power networks – defining concrete steps to an approach towards qualitatively new work with data in the energy sector.
• May the experience of foreign power engineers be applied in the development of digital power engineering in Russia
• Whether there is a place for internet and cloud technologies in energy facilities. Aspects of safety and reliability of working with technological data.


Ernesto Ciorra

Enel SpA

Leonid Neganov

The Ministry of energy of the Moscow region

Alexey Teksler


Jean-Marc Bally

Aster Capital

Evgeny Olhovich


Emin Askerov


Mikhail Lifshitz



Anton Skibin

Skolkovo Foundation