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Applied Astronautics: New Markets in Space

The series of mergers and acquisitions of New Space companies in late 2016 – early 2017 left an ambivalent impression. On the one hand, the activity of players grows, new companies appear, absorbing old market leaders. On the other hand, the ERS industry, from the point of view of business models, has come to a homogeneous state of vertically integrated companies containing their own production groups to provide commercial services. At the same time, the state is still the most significant consumer of these data, which raises the question of whether there is a place in the market for new business models and companies. The same question can be asked looking at the merger of the formerly powerful Intelsat and the newcomer OneWeb that has not launched a single device yet. Traditionally, the use of space is reduced to telecommunications, remote sensing and products based on navigation data. We will try to expand the usual framework and see what the space markets of the future may be like.


Amaresh Kollipara

SETI Institute

Dmitry Payson

Roscosmos State Corporation

Dr. Christian Suttner

Starburst GmbH

Olga Gershenzon

RBC Signals

Yossi Yamin