HIGHWAY to Tech, Money and Skills

ESports: synergy of high technology, advanced educational solutions and sport.

In the framework of the panel discussion the following topics will be covered: the growth of the eSports industry in the world and Russia's position on the world stage; the new technologies of interaction with the audience; methodology and
innovative approach to the training of competitive players; the capacity of educational institutions for the training of players and professionals in the field of eSports, eSports ability to give rise to new educational technologies of wide application, trends and ways of development of eSports – what to expect in 10 years. Featured speakers represent the leading kibersports, technological and educational projects in Russia and the world.


Роман Поволоцкий

Cyber Russia

Asi Burak

Power Play / Game Enders

Irina Semenova


Igal Zak

Game Enders

Ofer Lavi

Game Enders