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TOO BIG TO FAIL: How Small Startups Transform The Future Of Big Corporations

The technological race is tough on corporations, markets, states and makes future absolutely unpredictable. Modeling of decay of conventional business sectors, restructuring of business processes, investing in in-house R&D, and purchase of promising projects are integral parts of the strategies of modern corporate giants.
The model of interaction between corporations and startups implies something bigger than a take-over. Corporate business accelerators and an “open innovation” approach provide corporations with the opportunity to integrate breakthrough technologies and new developments, keeping pace with rapid changes in business processes.
This session regards how small startups can get into the world of large corporations.


Ernesto Ciorra

Enel SpA

Manju Bansal


Dr. Matthias Meyer


Cem Erguen-Mueller

Deutsche Telekom AG

Nikita Volkov



Dmitry Maslennikov