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Universities of the Future

With the appearance of progressive technology in a new digital reality, approaches to education have changed significantly. Interactive forms of learning have become extremely in demand both in society and in the market. A hybrid, mixed model of learning allows for education to be more personalized, and expands opportunities for students by taking into account the characteristics of each student and changing the role of the teacher. A university professor is no longer an exclusive source of knowledge, and is rather a guide to direct the student towards obtaining knowledge.
In a convergent society, University 3.0 plays a key role. The contribution of university research, university science in the implementation of concrete innovative developments, and with it in the national economy, is on the rise. Today, the infrastructure of educational institutions is already built not on control, but on providing opportunities, and very soon real skills and competences will ultimately outweigh diplomas and certificates in the eyes of employers. The modern student, whether an engineer, entrepreneur or economist, should have a panorama, evaluate his/her research, start-ups, and developments from a different angle, and speak a common language with experts from different sectors.


Trubnikov Grigory Vladimirovich

The Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation

Evgeny Kuznetsov


Alexander Kuleshov


Isak Froumin

Institute of Education of HSE University

Shlomo Weber

New Economic School

Julia Shakhnovskaya

Polytechnic Museum

Aleksandr Tormasov

Innopolis University

Oleg Shibanov


Sudarshan (Raj) Mehta

University of Calgary


Alexei Sitnikov