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City of the Future: How New Technologies Change People's Lives

The Smart City initiatives aim to improve the quality of life of the population, increase the efficiency of resource exploitation, economic growth through the introduction of new technologies and services. At the same time, new technologies change life of the city and its population and create opportunities for a new high-tech business.

  • Energy efficient solutions for urban infrastructure management;
  • Transport management and navigation;
  • Innovative approaches to safety assurance;

What technologies will combine the best international experience in Smart City development and Russian reality?
What additional opportunities for business will the Smart City open?


Erich Benischek

Blaue Lagune Vienna

Vadim Zaiats

LIIS Engineering solutions

Egor Paramonov

Deus LLC

Amr Salem

Cisco Systems

Veniamin Golubitskiy


Andrey Volkov


Vladimir Makarov

Moscow IT Department

Konstantin Filippishin