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Operation Typhoon: how to conquer the markets of Southeast Asia

More and more talented entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world are coming to Southeast Asia. The Asian markets’ size, rapid growth and receptiveness to tech innovations are very attractive to foreign startups embarking on global expansion. The evolution from a business plan to implementing an idea can take just one week in Asia. What should you know about the Asian business mentality? What does the innovation ecosystem look like and what are its hidden dangers? Where is it better to open a company and how is that done? Plus how to find an investor, how to launch a product on the market, and how to find initial clients.


Hoang Nhu

NousLogic Inc

Adam Hobson (Video and Entertainment Network Asia Pte Ltd)

Hasan Kurtulus


Naomi Kurahara

Infostellar, Inc.

Pospelova Elena