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The Wind Rises: Japanese investment in Russia

Japanese corporations are known in Russia for topnotch technologies – as well as by the fact that they are risk-averse investors and are reluctant to fund venture projects. At the same time, in the last year we witnessed a burst of activity of Japanese companies in Russia in seeking new opportunities of collaboration. What influences the decision process of making financial or strategic investments into Russian technology companies? What technologies are Japanese partners looking for? Those are the questions to be addressed to the panelists – the representatives of Japanese funds and corporations.


Naomi Kurahara

Infostellar, Inc.

Yusuke Otsubo

UMJ Russia Fund

Koji Sakao

Veritas Consulting, Inc.

Nobutoshi Sagawa

Hitachi Systems Ltd.

Junichi Suzuki

Panasonic Russia

Kay Enjoji

TEL Venture Capital

Ikeda Katsuomi



Yulia Tolkishevskaya

Skolkovo Foundation