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The most interesting tech trends and supertechnologies that promise to change our lives radically in the next 5, 10, 15 years, as predicted by futurists, visionaries and trendsetters of innovative entrepreneurship.
What technologies have already transformed our lives? What will we hear about in the near future? Plus how to cope with the tech boom in your own life.

  • "Future Technologies Overview" by Mark Bunger, expert in robotics, wearable, new technologies for industrial production, global problems of mankind and up-to-date business opportunities
  • "Future of Robotics and AI" by Ken Goldberg, he trains the next generation of researchers and entrepreneurs in his research lab at UC Berkeley; he has published over 200 papers in robotics and social media and holds 8 US Patents
  • "VR - New Forms of Communication" by Amaresh Kollipara, Virtual Reality Producer and recent project lead of a space related project at Facebook’s Oculus
  • "Genome Cost Revolution and the Impact to 7P Medicine" by Yoshihide Hayashizaki, Director of Preventive Medicine & Diagnosis Innovation Programat Japan’s RIKEN research institution. Yoshihide has established a clone bank of full-length cDNAs
  • "Key Technology Drivers in IoT" by Daniel Obodovski, founder of The Silent Intelligence, author of one of the first books about the Internet of Things, which discusses the forthcoming tech revolution
  • "Hello, Quantum world" by Ruslan Yunusov, head of the Russian Quantum Center, doing researches that in the future can lead to the emergence of fundamentally new technologies
  • "Graphene: Future Emerging Technology" by Andrea Ferrari, Head of the Cambridge Graphene Centre and professor of nanotechnologies. Andrea knows everything about new materials, and is a world leader in the study of graphene and its diverse uses
  • "Smart Cities of the Future" by Amr Salem, Global Managing Director for Smart Cities, Internet of Everything at Cisco. Amr knows how new technologies are changing the lives of ordinary people: transportation, energy, security, e-government, utilities and everything that the city of the future will feature


Daniel Obodovski

The Silent Intelligence

Mark Bunger

Lux Research Inc

Ken Goldberg

UC Berkley

Andrea Ferrari

Cambridge Graphene Centre

Amaresh Kollipara

SETI Institute

Ruslan Iunusov

Russian Quantum Center

Yoshihide Hayashizaki


Amr Salem

Cisco Systems