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Techpred 4.0: Tools for building Products of the Future (FIEP RUSNANO)

Thanks to technologies new products and new markets are created. And tech entrepreneurs are the ones who perform research and development of the new products. They are those unique specialists who forge projects on the edge between technology and entrepreneurship. What effective tools for bringing their ideas to reality are available for them today? How one can build successful business on technology and where they could gain such competences? What shall the technology entrepreneur bear in head to promote the technology on the market? What does an investor focus on when he looks at startup or tech business?

If you are tech entrepreneurs and or plan to become the one, you are welcome to open dialogue with the leading experts of the Russian innovation business and education.


Vyacheslav Chikin


Alexey Nikolaev

Intel Technologies

Yuri Udaltsov

RUSNANO Management Company LLC

Mikhail Erman