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Love Story of Startups and Investors

– Do you believe that you are successful? Do you have a decent amount of money on your account, and do you think about trying the venture capital investments market and establishing your own startup?
– Is it important for you to turn the world upside down? Do you have a cool project or technology? You need private investments but you have no idea how to come up to those business angels who are not angels at all?

Startup Village 2017 is your first step to the world of investments and startups. This session is for you. We will hold a public interview with an investor and a founder of one of the most interesting startups, Veeroute, who has managed to raise more than a million dollars for the project, whose relations have lasted for several years, and the company has been growing with the ratio of 5x+ a year.
We will ask rather forthright and sensitive questions to both sides of the project. It is not a conversation about how to pitch and present yourself, it will be a conversation about a real life of an investor and a startup.


Igor Kaloshin


Mike Kudinov



Renat Batyrov

Skolkovo Technopark LLC