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AI+Language & Big Data Cooperation and Innovation Forum

Enterprises are facing with new challenges brought by AI and big data in terms of their innovation and business globalization.‬

‪How can enterprises expand their vision from Russia to China, and even to the whole world?‬
‪How can capital be applied for the most valuable projects?‬
‪How can startups keep themselves informed of the scientific and technological development trends around the world and strive to be competitive?‬
‪How can enterprises break the language and data barriers, obtain the decision-making power and expand their businesses worldwide?‬
‪GTCOM will actively collaborate with Lomonosov Moscow State University, i-Free and other partners to share the Inspiration from AI+Language & Big Data on Globalization.‬


Nikolay Garbovskiy

Lomonosov Moscow State University, Higher School of Translation and Intgerpreting

Allen Yan

Global Tone Communication Technology Co,Ltd.

Kirill Petrov



Ninel Seniuk