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Accreditation is issued to mass media personnel registered in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation «On mass media." Advertising reps, PR, development or mass media marketing personnel can therefore be refused accreditation, along with mass media outlets publishing news about topics that are not relevant to the Conference themes. An exception applies to the press services of the Startup Village and Event’s business partners.

Participation in the Event is free for press representatives. Accreditation for all journalists can be completed by following the general link: Registration. (participation profile — mass media). Individuals who fail to complete online registration shall not be eligible for admittance.

Mentions policy

Accreditation of mass media representatives for the Startup Village Conference is possible provided that the rules of accreditation and mentions policy are mutually complied with and provided at the request of the Event’s press service: printed materials (for printed mass media), TV and radio broadcast recordings (for TV and radio) and links to published materials (for electronic mass media).

For any use of official information and citations of statements by the participants, the material must mention the Startup Village and include an information source or a  link to the official website. Any alteration, addition or misrepresentation of copied (quoted) information is prohibited.

For print media, any article or interview published following the results of the Event must contain a mention of the Startup Village (text or logo).

For television/radio: any programme or interview conducted within the Startup Village programme must contain a mention of the Event.

Internet publications — any article or interview written following the results of the Forum must contain a mention of the Event (text or logo).

Photograph captions and labels must contain a mention of the Event (text or logo).

The press service reserves the right to use articles, photo and video materials obtained or produced by media representatives in preparation for or during the Startup Village event, with links indicating the authors of these materials.

Press service contacts

Kristina Bogdanova
Тел.: +7 (495) 956 00 33, доб. 2575
Taisiya Yarmak
Тел.: +7 (495) 956 00 33, доб. 2310

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