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Whose invention will change the world? Which technologies will make our life better in the nearest future? How long does it take to develop a successful project?

In front of investors, inventors, teachers and tutors, teams of students from Quantorium regional children’s technoparks invited to the STARTUP VILLAGE will create new projects and present their own technologies to solve the tasks set for them by the management of leading Russian companies. The best Since$Art projects will then be displayed in Quantorium-Skolkovo Alley.

Come and support the best idea and the smartest team!


What do drones and candies have in common? Quantorium and its Quantorians: young engineers and technology designers aged 11 to 17

June 6–7, in the STARTUP VILLAGE, next to the SUV Junior tent, drones, controlled by their creators, will deliver… candies to all those who wish one. You will be able to see this special candy giveaway point from afar. Drones carrying Quantorium flags will be hovering over the site. This job will be a nice change for drones and their pilots after their hard work for the Ministry of Emergency Situations controlling floods in Tomsk Region.

Visit the SUV Junior tent in the STARTUP Village; learn how to fly a drone and what research the students of children’s technoparks do in the area of small unmanned aircrafts (Aeroquantum)!


Can 11 to 17-year-old Quantorians prepare astronauts for their space flights? Not yet, however their children’s technopark has already made a simulator for docking in space.

Quantorium students in the city of Korolev know well what a spacewalk spacesuit and docking apparatus look like. It is only a simulator imitating external visual environment, but it can be used to practice skills in manual approach, controlling Soyuz TMA’s approach to International Space Station, and redocking the spacecraft.

You will have a chance to try your hand at being an astronaut in the SUV Junior tent in the STARTUP Village.


They say that the best software designers are all under 18. Kaliningrad schoolchildren have already proved it in Quantorium.

They developed an automated amber sorting line, commissioned by Festo. And they are happy to teach anyone how to program industrial microcontrollers using the Mec Lab construction tool.

Young Quantorians and their tutor’s workshops will take place on June 6 and 7 June in the SUV Junior tent in the STARTUP Village. The workshops schedule will be announced additionally.


Children shouldn’t play with lasers? Quantorium students use lasers both for work and fun.

As a fun demonstration of their achievements and skills, Quantorians will make laser engraved plates with wishes, engrave smartphones, business card holders, covers and anything the visitors of the SUV Junior tent in the STARTUP Village will want engraved. And to improve your mood they will build a special Quantorian Tree of Joy with good wishes plates.

Good mood and fine laser engraving by young engineers is what you can find in the SUV Junior tent, on June 6–7 in the STARTUP Village.


Innovations developed by young engineers and technology designers will be showcased by VR\AR. How will they compliment the reality of the adult investment forum?

Meet the new reality in the QuantoriumVR zone on June 6–7 in the STARTUP Village: photos with a VR-wall in the background with animated characters, virtual tours, helmets of augmented reality, workshops and other events will take you into the beautiful and exciting world created by young Quantorians.