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IN SHORT — a short film festival:
On June 6 and 7, the In Short festival will present two short film programs on the Galaxy Stage Startup Village

June 6, Dark Matter program
The program consists of short films, each 10–15 min long, all of which intend to debunk the stereotype that all modern-day Russian films are gloomy and oppressive. They can indeed be different: whether drama, action or fantasy, it is invariably sincere, funny, spiced with black humor and with an ending that brings an unexpected twist to the whole story.

June 7, Pure Energy
Short films made by the winners of the In Short-2016 festival marked by the jury as the most promising, with a very real potential to become full-length movies. The films made by the winners prove successfully that investing into good quality cinema is no worse than investing into construction business. One film-maker who was among the winners is already in the process of making his first full-length film — winning at the festival has brought him a lucrative contract with an investor. And this is just the beginning.