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Express Hunting by Antirabstvo

We invite you to take part in Express Hunting by Antirabstvo at Startup Village.

What is Express Hunting?

It is an opportunity of quickly forming a high-quality startup team.

Are you looking for employees?

Fill in an application for an employee you need and let this work be done by professionals.

The team of the Antirabstvo project by Alena Vladimirskaya will process your application and select from a thousand of motivated candidates those who suit your requirements. What is left for you is to meet them and provide your contact details to those who really «spark» you.

Are you looking for a job at a dream startup?

Fill in a questionnaire and wait for proposals.

The team of the Antirabstvo project by Alena Vladimirskaya will process the received data and find for you the exact team and the exact startup, which will reveal your potential and assess your experience and skills. What is left for you is to charm your potential employer and take its contact details.

How does it work?

The team of the Antirabstvo project has developed special questionnaires, which will reveal those skills, knowledge and expertise necessary for work at startups differing in structure and scope. The project staff will also talk to each applicant in person in order to correct the received data, if necessary.

After that, all questionnaires will be divided by applications for employees search received from startups.

And you will be able to meet in person at Startup Village to communicate and share contact details.

What will you get?

Express Hunting by Antirabstvo at Startup Village is the shortest and the most effective way of gathering a cool high tech team for the startup.

The experience and expertise of the most famous job hunting service in Russia, Antirabstvo, will help you with that.