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Creative City

Living in a Creative and Innovative City — theatrical performance: grab your chance to meet some outstanding, unusual residents of the Innovation City and become part of a theatrical performance on June 6–7, on the premises of Startup Village and the Cube Creative City site

Living in a Creative and Innovative City is a fantasy about the city and its people; and any one of the conference participants can have a part in it: at any moment anywhere the guests will suddenly find themselves fully involved in improvisation acts. The culmination of the «wandering performance» is the theatrical performance at the Cube Creative City site, at 5 pm on June 2.

City Sounds Performance — an online sound lab:
hear the sounds of the city and become part of a musical performance on June 7,
at the Cube Creative City site.

On June 6–7, representatives of the Sound Art Industry Assembly will examine the sounds of Skolkovo and the Startup Village under the guidance of Vlad Dobrovolsky, a leading expert in field recording*. The musicians will record the sounds of the conference, synthesize them into tracks, make them into samples, and then compile them together in a final track.
Come to the Cube Creative City on June 7 to find out what kind of music Startup Village will make and take an active part in the musical experiment. At 5 pm the guests can expect the culminating point of the sound lab — an improvised concert.

* audio recording of both natural and human-produced sounds produced outside a recording studio

Lectures and discussions at the Cube Creative City site

How to organize a new-style festival, integrating art into the life of the city, find points of contact between the city and fashion, and make a film about it all — all of these are on the agenda of the speakers for cultural institutions and creative businesses:
Nikolay Gorely, founder and organizer of Geek Picnic
Artyom Ryzhkov, program director of In Short Film Festival
Liudmila Norsoyan, designer, fashion expert, founder of the innovative knitwear brand NORSOYAN
Larisa Bobkova, Director of Communications of the State Tretyakov Gallery