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Art&Science Day — in Search of Benefits

June 7, Sphere I

If you wanted to learn more about the code of artificial life, meet Maxwell’s demon challenging the second law and understand what the «third culture» is, you are knocking at the right door. The Art&Science Day has been part of Startup Village for the second year in a row. The event is a vivid and illustrative combination of science, art and technology. This year’s topic is «In Search of Benefits." We are going to be figuring out together how art helps science see the unobvious, helps society get rid of technology fear, and support technology in starting a new round of development - in other words, how art speeds up scientific and technological progress. We will be searching for benefits together with art&science professionals — art historian and art therapist Olga Remneva, digital culture researcher and Curator of the National Center for Contemporary Arts Dmitry Galkin, molecular biologist and artist Alexander Efremov, bioethics expert and Executive Director of the Applied Ethics Center Dmitry Gusev.