The winner takes it all

Dates of Contest

Start of applications submission
Recommended date of application
Semi-finalists selection completed
Final of the Contest

The STARTUP VILLAGE contest is an opportunity to:

  1. Win prizes from the partners
  2. Present your project to renowned experts in the area of technology and market development
  3. Find a partner and investor
  4. Demonstrate to 20,000 participants everything you’re capable of!

To enter the Contest please follow these three simple steps:

  1. Please register by choosing Startup
  2. When registering, please select in your Personal Account one of the options «Participate in Ideas Contest» or «Participate in Companies Contest»
  3. Fill the application form and upload your project presentation.

Contest of ideas

For whom?

  • Projects in the early stages


1 place
for the first place in each direction


  • Technological innovation
  • Competitive advantages
  • Quality of the business model of the project
  • Team Qualifications

Contest of companies

For whom?

  • Entity
  • Revenues of at least 1 million rubles for the last 4 quarters / Expenses not less than 5 million rubles
  • At least 3 people in the state


«Strategic Computer Technologies and Software»
а. «The Internet of Things. Smart World
b. «Future technologies for the financial sector»
c. «Cyber-threats. New cyber-security solutions»
d. «SkolkovoGo: technologies to replace sales assistants»
«Innovative Biomedical Technologies»
а. «Breakthrough technologies in oncology»
b. «Medical devices for diagnostics, therapy and rehabilitation»
c. «Development of new medicines»
d. «Regenerative medicine and immunology»
e. «Bioinformatics»
«Biotechnologies in the agricultural and industrial sector»
а. «Genomic selection and conventional breeding of animals and plants»
b. «Precision farming»
c. «Advanced processing of agricultural raw materials and waste products»
d. «From vitamins to bioweb: the range of industrial biotechnology»
e. «Foodtech»
«Energy efficiency and energy saving, including the development of innovative energy technologies»
а. «Exploration, production and transportation of hydrocarbons and other mineral products»
b. «Chemistry and processing of hydrocarbons and other mineral products»
c. «Electric power generation, transmission, distribution and accumulation»
d. «Improving production efficiency»
e. «Construction industry and Housing and Utilities sector»
f. «Technologies for rail and road transport»
«New industrial technologies»
а. «New production technologies»
b. «Materials and coatings»
c. «Probes, sensors and industrial control systems»
d. «Advanced telecommunication technologies»
e. «Navigation and Earth remote sensing systems»
f. «Aeronautical and space technologies»


2 place
1 place
3 place


  • Technological innovation
  • Stage of implementation
  • The total amount available (Serviceable Available Market, SAM) of international and Russian market
  • Quality of the business model of the project
  • Team Qualifications
  • Investment attractiveness

Mentoring Session — PRE-DAY for Semifinalists in Startup Village 2017 Competition

On June 5, from 10 a. m. to 6 p. m., Technopark will host the Pre-pitch Training Day Mentoring Session.

All semifinalists in the competition are welcome to the Pre-Day — preparation and dress rehearsal of the SUV 2017 finals.

  1. The incredible Alex Kosik, a professional mentor and owner of several companies will present a two-hours master class called «Your presentation skills for pitch sessions».
  2. Another agenda item is a presentation by the Head of the Startup Village 2017 Competition — you will learn all details of the competition and will have the opportunity to ask questions.
  3. Topical and sectoral group training sessions under the guidance of Skolkovo mentors will be held starting from 12.00 p. m.

More details about the Pre-Day Mentoring Session will be sent to all competitors after the announcement of semifinalists on May 26, 2017.